Step by Step

Step is a bookcase born from an interlocking game: you dismantle and reassamble it whenever you want, without hardware and without stress

Child's play

No complications with screws, bolts, and incomprehensible manuals because the secret lies in the interlock.
Step is designed to make simple and fun what we all hate to do: assemble the furniture we just bought.
Crosspieces and shelves embrace effortlessly and you create your new bookcase, step by step.

You only need a (rubber!) hammer

The toolbox can stay in the garage because Step is ready to use in a few minutes.
Why renounce a piece of design when you can assemble it without going crazy?

Due librerie Step una accanto all'altra creano una grande libreria Step  unica

Its modularity

Step is double-sided, and you can place it near the wall or even in the middle of a room to divide the spaces.
Of course, it also works in continuity with multiple side-by-side bookcases.

Traversi verticali in Valchromat della libreria bifacciale Step con ripiani in lengo di multistrato di Ozigo

With an eye to the environment, always

The materials that make up the bookcase are all environmentally friendly.
Valchromat is a apanel made of recycled wood fibre and coloured throughout, where the fibres are impregnated with an organic dye that gives them unique characteristics.