Our materials

In Bravate Artigiane, all the materials used for creating your products are natural and certified materials.

Dimostrazione dell'estrazione del vassoio dal tavolo Twin, inserendo il dito nel foro il vassoio si alza e si può estrarre.

Three-layered laminated oak wood

The three-layered laminated panel is a multi-layer panel made of solid wood. The structure is characterized by two outer covers and an intermediate layer composed of glued slats, joined and united together.

Dettaglio del gioco di incastri tra spalle e ripiani della libreria Step


Plywood is a versatile and durable material, composed of layers of wood glued together with alternating orientations of fibers. It is used in a wide range of applications due to its strength and its ability to withstand tension and torsion.

Oak Fingerjoint

It is a solid laminated wood panel with dovetailed slats. These panels have greater compactness, great stability, and remarkable improvement in mechanical qualities.

Valchromat, un materiale riciclato

Valchromat è un pannello in fibre di legno riciclato e colorato in massa.
Le fibre sono impregnate con un colorante organico che, grazie ad agenti coloranti legati chimicamente l'uno all'altro da una particolare resina, conferiscono a Valchromat caratteristiche fisico-chimiche uniche.


HPL is synonymous with resistance, practicality, hygiene, impermeability, and durability over time. Its particular composition of cellulose fiber impregnated with thermosetting resins allows for a non-porous product capable of minimizing damage caused by water, oils, and steam.

Oils and natural resins

We are committed to offering a sustainable furniture model with natural finishes and without chemical treatments, preserving the material itself. Our resins air dry and are produced from the secretion of certain coniferous plants such as larch, pine, and fir, or from hardwoods like fig and beech. Dilutable with water, they are applied manually and can be touched up even after a long time. Stain and impact resistance are superior by up to 5 times compared to traditional paints.

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