It's all about Strabello!

Monomaterial design, made of a panel composed of recycled wood fibres, it is assembled like a game and it fits anywhere: Strabello!

A game of interlocking pieces

The challenge is on: will you have more fun assembling it or did we have more fun designing it?

Strabello 47  e Strabello 63 in tutte le loro versioni di colore: giallo, nero e Chocolate Brownn


The Strabello family consist of low stools, high stools, and coffee tables of two sizes.
You can use them in various ways and place them anywhere.
The only downside of monochrome is wanting to have them all!


Coffee tables

Strabello is also your coffee table. You can easily move it and take your favourite colour with you.



Strabello is your eco-friendly mini-mate!
The whole family is made of certified panels, so nature comes into your home and you relax knowing you've done the right thing.